Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Rediscover Yourself

Imagine finding the right nutrition formula that makes you feel like yourself again. It’s not as impossible as it might sound, and it looks a little something like this:

  • Being able to tolerate a wider variety of foods so that your body is getting adequate nutrients.
  • Finding the right supplements that help you thrive.
  • Creating lifestyle change that brings it all together with a bow on top.

When you’re in the midst of the storm that is Hashimoto’s, however, applying this formula to your life without support is damn near impossible. (I know because I’ve been there unfortunately). That’s where I come in…

Hi, I'm Whitney!

With a background in integrative dietetics and a whole body, functional approach to nutrition and lifestyle, I’m here to help you navigate your Hashi healing with expertise, support, and just the right amount of humor.

My own journey with Hashimoto’s is what inspired me to specialize my coaching services in thyroid health, so rest assured that I know the ins and outs both personally and professionally.

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