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    This course will change the way you eat, think, and feel.

    Designed by a dietitian with 10+ years of experience helping women heal from Hashimoto’s, this self-paced course is packed full of expert information, supportive inspiration, and just the right amount of kick-in-the-pants motivation to launch your AIP Elimination Diet journey.

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    Hi, I'm Whitney!

    I am an Integrative Dietitian with a whole body, functional approach to nutrition and lifestyle. I’m a science nerd through and through, so I’m always investigating the latest evidence-based nutrition and science practices to improve your health.

    My own journey with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is what inspired me to specialize my services in thyroid health and to support other women on their health journeys.

    Before I was diagnosed, I struggled with intense symptoms including feeling cold all of the time, dry skin and brittle, thinning hair, fatigue, feeling faint, unintentional weight loss, and water retention. I lost my breastmilk supply, was highly anxious, and at times felt that I wasn’t very good at parenting – it felt SO overwhelming.

    Now I help other women to find themselves again after Hashimoto’s, including getting to the root cause of their thyroid health problems, taking control of their diet and lifestyle, and feeling better again.