Is Dairy Bad for People with Autoimmune Disease?

I’m all about unpacking myths, so let’s break down what’s what in the science of dairy🐄⁠⁠This is a big, BIG question, and for good reason. There are a lot of charged emotions around whether dairy is good for anyone (yes, I’m speaking to the #toocoolforschool vegans and paleo fans), or at what age it’s no longer healthy, […]

Dairy-Free Alfredo (Toddler-approved!)

For me, and I can only assume for many of you, not having the right tools at my fingertips throws off my diet BIG TIME. Like, if you don’t know what to use in place of actual cheese made from cow, goat, sheep, etc, and the recipe you’re craving calls for it, you’re reaching for […]

Traveling while on an Elimination Diet

Summer is in full swing here and everywhere, which for some of us can mean more travel than usual.⁠⁠How do you eat while traveling? 1. Do you eat what’s available (airport food, fast food, fancy restaurants)?2. Do you research and plan ahead for certain types of foods (gluten free, dairy free, fresh veggies)?3. Do you […]