Feel energized, clear-minded and confident again.

Having an under-active thyroid can be a life-changing condition for many women.

The struggle is real, but it does not have to be your struggle.

When you join the 12-week Thyroid Healing Collective program, be ready to shed the layers of Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism symptoms that are holding you back from feeling amazing again.

How much more fulfilling would your life be if you...

"I knew I needed to make some changes to deal with my Hashimoto’s, but I didn’t know where to start. Whitney suggested a plan, set clear expectations and was the best cheerleader along the way.

At the beginning she said, if you feel better after a couple weeks, just imagine how you’ll feel in 6 months- and she was right!"
- Jillian
When your brain is already in a fog and you have no energy to get through the day, it feels impossible to figure out how to navigate recovering from hypothyroidism.
I was just like you. Tired, confused, overwhelmed. Frustrated, with myself, my body, my family, my doctors…anyone and everyone was a target.
Don’t spend years (like me) trying to get to the root of your hypothyroidism.

Join the waitlist for the Thyroid Healing Collective, Be the first to know when doors re-open so you can reverse your hypothyroid symptoms and regain your resilient and life-loving self...all in a professionally-guided, warrior-supportive community.

An Expert-Led Thyroid Resilience Program & Community

Designed by an integrative nutrition dietitian after her own personal journey with hypothyroidism and years of experience helping women heal from Hashimoto’s, this expert-led program is packed full of current and actionable information, invaluable tools and resources, uplifting inspiration and a supportive community.

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The Thyroid Healing Collective is more than a program to learn from, it's a community of Hashimoto's Warriors who understand you & support you

Program Overview:

Topics & Tools

After years supporting clients with varying degrees of autoimmune Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism and successfully managing her own thyroid health, Whitney has learned the key pillars upon what true health is built.

After helping many women recover their energy, digestive health, hair & skin health, and menstrual cycles, Whitney realized that there are SO MANY THINGS that conventional providers FAIL to educate on or test for that have resounding impacts on the course of a Hashimoto’s Warrior’s health and quality of life.

And from these experiences, this program was born.

These are some of the topics covered in the Thyroid Healing Collective program…

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