Summer is in full swing here and everywhere, which for some of us can mean more travel than usual.⁠

How do you eat while traveling?
1. Do you eat what’s available (airport food, fast food, fancy restaurants)?
2. Do you research and plan ahead for certain types of foods (gluten free, dairy free, fresh veggies)?
3. Do you pack your own food or specialty items?⁠

Our family does a good combination of all of the above, so I’m sharing the specifics of what works for us.

Before We Go
I’m always sure to prep and pack protein and fat heavy snacks for the airplane ride so nobody gets *hangry*.⁠ Here are my go-tos:
– I typically make some sort of egg muffins or burritos ahead of time, or simply hard boiled eggs.
– Oatmeal muffins with fruit and veggies are great for toddler approved breakfast on the go to catch that morning flight (batch prepared and some frozen).
– And bags and bags of trail mix are a must – some with chocolate chips, others without, because we know sneaky fingers (toddler) will eat all the chocolate chips first!⁠

When We Arrive
We choose to stay in hotel rooms with refrigerators whenever possible, so we can do a big real food shop once we get settled, or we’re lucky enough to have family accommodate us when staying with them.⁠

Other Things to Consider
Do a quick search of restaurant menus before your trip so you know 2-3 places where you are sure to find something in a pinch. And save spots like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s in your map so you can get there fast!

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